From A to Z - We Speak Microbic: In Depth Experience & Expertise Investigating Human Pathogens

Barry Michaels and associates of the B. Michaels Group Inc. speak “Microbic". With over forty years experience in the fields of microbiology, product development and the control/prevention of disease or adverse microbial events, he understand what makes microbes tick. The term microbic refers to micro-organisms capable of causing disease, making products unsafe or causing environmental outbreaks.

Our microbial enemies cause countless types of illness from the minor skin eczema to production of toxins of microbic origin that results in significant morbidity and mortality. As preeminent international microbiologist, his research and investigative studies includes work on a variety of viral and bacterial, fungal and protozoan infectious disease microorganisms affecting humans, their food, drugs or cosmetic products as well as the immediate environment.

Initial interest was focused on the field of antiviral agents and viral induced tumor inhibitory substances, including interferon. Work and study projects progressed to include the fields of bacteriology and mycology. Upon going to work at the Georgia-Pacific Research and Development facility in North Florida, in addition to product development he expanded his repertoire to include the fields of personal hygiene microbiology, product safety and regulatory affairs. Recent work has included studies on the dynamics of surface and hand cleaning/disinfection and enhancement of hygiene effectiveness. He is considered to be the
“Guru of Hand Hygiene”.

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